sai satcharitra
sai satcharitra

March 14, 2007

Telugu TV anchors

Telugu TV programs Bad practices:
Two types of telugu tv programs we can see. One is all programs together and another one is just only music. This only music (no noise) is owned by aditya tv and it will have anchors like raj, etc. These people are very young around 28 years and work part time. Mot of the time, they will be chatting online with the callers and spend time like this and show some movie songs in this. This chat goes like anything.. some times we wonder where this is going.. like any chat room menace, in this too, some people daily appear and sing few songs and describe about it and the anchor thanks them and praises them. Another caller regularly passes some social message as if he is the best philanthropist and he will be treated guru for the anchors. So this way all the programs are slowly going towards monotany and move in limited circle in congestion. The program sangathemitante is ok because it says about some topic. In only one program at afternoon the new movie songs will be shown.These people have , or the producers have, a larger responsibility to increase the Telugu topics beyond andhra.. They never think about NRI telugus, other countries, other areas like business, books ,travel etc. Once in general programs udayabhanu was showing some mobile clips, which went bore and adult oriented. All the senders are flicking clips from flcker , metacafe and sending to the tv and the anchor is showing. It was quite embarssing to see some of the obscene clips shown by udaya bhanu. This program is from Maa tv.
This is somewhat ok, but the Hyderabad FM radio programs go beyond rhym and rhythm, once i heard the radio jackies talking what ever nonsense they feel. They have no protocol about speaking to a caller, no good background nor ethics, some idle guys , it seems , were caught and given the job of conducting the radio program. Once upon a time, the radio programs by all india radio from vijayawada and hyderabad were very standard and the announcers used to be very respectable , artists. Now to qualification for vj and radio jackies and they speak all nonsense which they can not in their home as their father or elder brother would thrash them immidiately.

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