sai satcharitra
sai satcharitra

May 17, 2008

crooked ways in tv business

Today, the father of jyothirmayi, who was killed in UK, shouted seriously, with agony and pain on a particular tv channel of andhra pradesh, when the channel people went again to him to cover news. That father shouted why they are cooking up stories on her daughter , creating gossip, imagining anything and spreading across tv audience, just for money through ads. It is high time that the channel reduces its crooked ways of making money by showing their imagination (which is useless) and spreading stories behind or ahead of truth. None cares how audience enjoy showing the hanging of saddam hussein. how they love a capital punishment implementation second by second ( as per the dil hai hindustani movie). they will not give up as business dominates ethics..

cheerleaders with scant clothes are the height of business, but people protest made them go back. for just money, business men are ready for any thing, leterally anything..

April 22, 2008

Music Programs in Telugu channels

now a days all most all channels are conducting music, singing competetion programs
like aata; The aata program in zee telugu is not that convincing and conduction is bad.Some worthless judges sit there and say something which we do not at all agree with them.One tv anchor also boycotted this show, in live and we fully agree with her.But the similar program conducted in gemini tv is good. The dancers look very good and their dance is also worth seeing. Paadalani vunnadi program by sp balasubrahmanyam is most excellantand his judging is also superb. His hints are useful. The program oneday with sirivennela seetharama sastry was excellant and his words, opinion about such singing competetions was worth noting. I fully agree with him .


March 09, 2008

Dooradarsan programs

We have to appreciate DD8 programs for one or more things.DD 8 channel or saptagiri channel takes care of the needs of people and saves us from the commercial bondage of other channels.Saptagiri or dd8 channel conducts good interviews, good live coverages which gives lot of information to the common people. It covers many temples and explains the importance of these places.The same thing misses in all other commercial telugu channels like maa tv, gemini, etv, zee telugu and vissa. All these channels use movies and music to earn money.


September 16, 2007

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June 17, 2007

All Happies program

This all happies program is conducted very well. The two characters that lead the program do very well. The atmaram does very well and he got good talents as veteran actor. His expressions , voice, dialogue delivery excells all other characters. The content of this all happys program is based on current politics and script work would also be good.
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June 10, 2007

Gemini music anchors

gemeni music previously was aditya music channel. completely music only. Some of the anchors for this channel are energetic and enough intellegent. Some are good looking too. They make the channel worth watching.
seeta kanth anchor looks good with sobreness while raj is just another romeo type, but he also enough intellegent. raju annaya is good at deriving extra meaning from every word. lady anchors are also good. Some how they are changing the old trend.


April 21, 2007

24 Frames

This is one of the worthy programs from gemini tv. Daily regularly they interview the personalities from telugu cine industry, that too latest release movies. The interview would be conducted in a pleasing manner and we learn a lot about that particular artiste and their feelings. I used to view this without fail.
Time: 08:00-08:40Hrs all days except sunday
(By the way why they call it 24 frames? yea, when you move 24 frames of images per second and beyond that speed, the motion picture starts, that is we do not observe the change in images, but see continuity)


Andhra Andagaalu

gemini tv serial andhra andagallu
Time:Sunday 20:00-20:30Hrs
Four heroes having the same features of Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Balakrishna and Venkatesh – Our elegant and eternal superstars of Telugu film industry, along with a heroine, who was established in a short time namely Geetha Singh is going feature with their comedy in our weekly serial “ANDHRA ANDAGAALLU”.

Gajala is the main character who dreams of the dupe heroes who lived in her house for rent. She always imagines herself as heroine to them by dreaming for the songs of her favourite (Original) heroes. Nobody comes forward to marry after seeing her physique. The dupes who were unable to pay the rent were invited by Gajala’s mother saying that hereafter they need not pay the rent if anyone of them could marry Gajala.

The four so called heroes were stunned at the proposal given by Gajala’s mother seeing their astonished faces. Gajala’s mother says that she wrote their names in bits of paper and put a lot of that with which the (Un) lucky winner will be announced as the bride groom for Gajala.

Who is going to be the (UN) lucky winner? Did any of the four heroes agree to marry Gajala? Not only this kind of incidents the play is created by many more such twists, which will be presented in this tele serial will be high lighted with a single story narrated with a comedy touch.
source: sunnetwork
comment: A variety in this tv serial, many famous telugu hero look a like, imitation characters were used which is an entertainment for some extent.


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