sai satcharitra
sai satcharitra

April 21, 2007

24 Frames

This is one of the worthy programs from gemini tv. Daily regularly they interview the personalities from telugu cine industry, that too latest release movies. The interview would be conducted in a pleasing manner and we learn a lot about that particular artiste and their feelings. I used to view this without fail.
Time: 08:00-08:40Hrs all days except sunday
(By the way why they call it 24 frames? yea, when you move 24 frames of images per second and beyond that speed, the motion picture starts, that is we do not observe the change in images, but see continuity)


Andhra Andagaalu

gemini tv serial andhra andagallu
Time:Sunday 20:00-20:30Hrs
Four heroes having the same features of Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Balakrishna and Venkatesh – Our elegant and eternal superstars of Telugu film industry, along with a heroine, who was established in a short time namely Geetha Singh is going feature with their comedy in our weekly serial “ANDHRA ANDAGAALLU”.

Gajala is the main character who dreams of the dupe heroes who lived in her house for rent. She always imagines herself as heroine to them by dreaming for the songs of her favourite (Original) heroes. Nobody comes forward to marry after seeing her physique. The dupes who were unable to pay the rent were invited by Gajala’s mother saying that hereafter they need not pay the rent if anyone of them could marry Gajala.

The four so called heroes were stunned at the proposal given by Gajala’s mother seeing their astonished faces. Gajala’s mother says that she wrote their names in bits of paper and put a lot of that with which the (Un) lucky winner will be announced as the bride groom for Gajala.

Who is going to be the (UN) lucky winner? Did any of the four heroes agree to marry Gajala? Not only this kind of incidents the play is created by many more such twists, which will be presented in this tele serial will be high lighted with a single story narrated with a comedy touch.
source: sunnetwork
comment: A variety in this tv serial, many famous telugu hero look a like, imitation characters were used which is an entertainment for some extent.


Anandamanandamaye Serial

gemini tv serial anandamanandamaye
Anandamanandamaye is a class apart from the run of the mill comedy serials with a refreshingly fresh concept, a racy track and the acting histrionics of the comedy artistes whose very name can bring a laugh.
The main ingredients of the serial is the day-to-day life, the middle class banter, situations that arise on account of social and political happenings amply supplemented by the eccentricities of the characters.
Each episode is a mine house of funny incidents which makes you identify with the society around and laugh at own expense. The star cast is sure to keep your interest ticking with evergreen cine comedy artiste Sudhakar: one of the leading light of Telugu comedy, a name adored over two decades by the comedy lovers, donning the mantle of the central character of the serial.
Ably supported by a distinguished role of artistes, each one capable of lighting up your moods and making you laugh.Catchy dialogues.Superb performance.source: sunnetwork

comment: Sudhakar , once a wonderful cine artist is the leading role in this serial. sudhakar lost all his body profile, shape and timing of the dialogue.There is some lack of synchronization for his dialogue timing and expressions in this serial as well as movies if he acts. Some time pass serial. Theme of this plot is alsoavarage.


chakravakam serial:

Sunday 19:00-19:30Hrs
Cast - Narasimharaju, Meghana, Athili lakshmi, Preethi, Rajesh. Director: MRS. Manjula Naidu

The concept of the Daily serial “CHAKRAVAKAM” is a high power emotional drama. A passionately told saga of love, sacrifice, hatred intrigue, violence & revenge. The Serial portrays how difficult it can be to maintain family ties in times of extreme stress, and how the most innocent of acts can be misunderstood by those we love.
A skilled confrontation of the question basic to family life. When our children and parents cannot live up to our expectations, can love survive .
source: sunnetwork

The above is gemini tv stunt and propaganda. anyway people liked this serial.
Ready wit and punch simply seen to be believed is what makes Anandamanandamaye a serial worth watching by viewers across all age groups, the young and old together.

user comments: etv the bokest channel award ivvacchu. aditya is the best good timepass one.teja(adithya tv) for movies and songs.
gemimi arava dubbing serials melam but oka serial undi chakravakam ani .ee serial baguntundhi by Babu in a forum
'child lock' style lo edina 'serial lock' ane technology vashte baagundu - another tv viewer


April 16, 2007

TV awards

The Andhra Pradesh Cinegoers' Association, which has been presenting film awards for the last 35 years, held its first annual TV awards presentation function at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan on November 30 (2005) and awarded these tv awards. This is only for information though a bit late news.
The following are some of the awards announced by the association:
best serial
on DD - Siri,
ETV- Padmavyuham,
Gemini TV - Chakravakam,
Maa TV - Sambarala Rambabu,
best news channel - TV 9,
best mythology serial - Sri Bhagavatham (ETV),
best children's serial - Panchathantram (ETV),
best women-oriented programme - Sakhi (ETV-2),
best musical programme - Padalanundi (Maa TV),
best talk show - Pratidhwani (ETV -2),
best director - Manjula Naidu (Chakravakam, Gemini TV), best actor - Prabhakar (Santosham, ETV),
best actress - Jhahnavi (Padmavyuham, ETV),
best anchor (male) - Shivaji Raja (Maa TV)
and best anchor (female) - Jhansi (Gemini TV).


Gemini TV Serials-at your own risk

Gemini is one of important tv channels on which many telugu people depend for entertainment and for news. Knowingly or unknowingly they addicted to it for quite some time . But today the poor and sorry state of this channel makes us to declare that it is slowly going into the state of "national waste" by contaminating the mind of the poor people with its useless, meaningless tv serials which are just dumped by dubbing the meaningless tamil serials. Gemini tv time is mostly occupied by these tamil dubbing serials and all serials are worthless but revolving around same type of social problems magnified beyong realistic proportions . All characters in all serials behave in a weird way with strong, sentimental dialogues and many dialogues are in such a way, they should not be uttered in an orthodox family. They raise your blood pressure and mental tension. People would see any thing , by glueing them to the tv, whether it is tv serial or news or songs. The tv tycoons should have some ethics to slowly take the viewers to new vistas and provide them information which educate them, and improve their general knowledge and IQ. Gemini tv doesnot appear to be doing any of such good work but very much satisfied with filling their pockets by throwing these meaningless crap with different names. These serials are slow poisions like taddy, whisky or cigarette . The addicted people like it and want it but their influence on the users is injurious.


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