sai satcharitra
sai satcharitra

May 17, 2008

crooked ways in tv business

Today, the father of jyothirmayi, who was killed in UK, shouted seriously, with agony and pain on a particular tv channel of andhra pradesh, when the channel people went again to him to cover news. That father shouted why they are cooking up stories on her daughter , creating gossip, imagining anything and spreading across tv audience, just for money through ads. It is high time that the channel reduces its crooked ways of making money by showing their imagination (which is useless) and spreading stories behind or ahead of truth. None cares how audience enjoy showing the hanging of saddam hussein. how they love a capital punishment implementation second by second ( as per the dil hai hindustani movie). they will not give up as business dominates ethics..

cheerleaders with scant clothes are the height of business, but people protest made them go back. for just money, business men are ready for any thing, leterally anything..


Blogger sylvia said...

THANKS! I've been in the Moog for some spacey synthesizer music!

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August 27, 2010 at 4:30 AM  

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