sai satcharitra
sai satcharitra

March 21, 2007

Udaya Bhanu Anchor:

Udaya Bhanu is a talented anchor and actor too. Unfortunately she could not be utilized in the telugu film industry. She had to adjust with her half a dozen roles in the movies. You can watch her in the nuvvu naaku nachchavu song, group song.She pulls crowd to her programs for years together, because of her ease of doing dances and action and anchoring. She is given always dance baby dance , saahasam cheyara dimbhaka, once more please like programs, where she has to tour a lot. Her spontaneous reactions, extempore commentary is appreciated.
udayabhanu video clip. You can watch her dance in this clip.lot of people will be searching for udayabhanu news, we dont know what they expect.. though some gossips, roumours spread about her, by unknown persons, she seems to be innocent and sentimental. Her feelings are very heartful.
let us see some news on udaya bhanu:
on her working methods:
Telugu small screen has only two top-ranking star anchors- Udaya Bhanu and Jhansi. But they are not in good terms. They speak ill of each other always. Jhansi always criticizes Udaya Bhanu for being vulgar in appearance and speech. Most recently Jhansi almost mimicked Udaya Bhanu to entertain her co-artistes on sets. Udaya Bhanu came to know about it and telephoned Jhansi. She almost abused Jhansi in the most indecent language. She spoke in rustic Urdu and used all the filthy language in her conversation with Jhansi. She did not hesitate to describe her private parts vulgarly. Jhansi almost broke down after she answered her call.
about her marriage:
TV anchor Udaya Bhanu after getting married and asking for police protection is radiculous. if she realy wants get out of the family it is not the way to treat the family members as corner side. Either she served the family or not it won't on her part. crazy lady and she will realize this mistake in short time

Yesterday (25th October 2004) witnessed the marriage of two popular TV anchors - Udaya Bhanu and Shilpa Chakravarthy. Both of them were separate incidents, and ran into contrversies as the elders of both the girls were against the marriages.

The issue is more serious in Udaya Bhanu's case as she even demanded police protection for herself after big fight broke out at her place

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