sai satcharitra
sai satcharitra

March 21, 2007

Costly TV Anchors?

Shilpa Chakraborthy:She is known for loud voice. Although a Bengali by birth, she speaks Telugu in such a way that even native Telugus would feel envy about her. She anchors a few live shows on TV as her spontaneity, energy and certainty of wit suits the requirement. As a rough estimate she bags around Rs. 1.5 lakh per month.
Uday Bhanu:She is known for her Tom Boy nature and always given the shows relating to adventure and dance. She also anchors a popular Gold Contest for a channel. Youngsters would like this dame better than those of family ladies. A rough estimate says that she earns around Rs. 2 lakhs per month on a whole including stage shows.
Suma:She anchors the most famous program 'Avakkayyara' and has been winning the hearts of many family ladies. She is also known for her acting abilities and never fading youth appeal in her face and personality. An estimate says that she earns around 2.5 laks per month. She is topper in making a show lively, eg "avaakkayyara?". None can compete with her.. even sp balasubrahmanyam appreciated her very much.
Jhansi:She is the most expensive and busiest anchor on Telugu idiot box. Not only on TV, she's also working as celebrity anchor for BIG FM. It was told that the Big FM itself is paying Rs. 2 lakhs for her per month for working 3 hrs every day. A rough estimate says that she earns around Rs. 5 lakhs per month on a whole.



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